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What is MCTbreakFAST?

MCTbreakFAST is a lifestyle. You are busy and cannot stick to a restrictive diet, but you still want to feel good and energetic, sharp in your mind, lose weight and stay healthy. Just take 10 to 15 grams of pure MCT medium chain triglycerides) instead of having breakfast. Alone or associated with your coffee, MCTbreakfast will provide you with the energy you need for your physical and intellectual activities and burn fat deposits. 

how to use?

3 Recipes you will love


In a rush

Just take a straight MCT Spoon instead of breakfast


Spoon of MCT with coffee

You will have the energy you need to attack  your busy day


MCT blended with coffee

You will obtain a smooth drink to start your day with power!

best recipe 

The Summer Favorite

Essential for the recipe:

  • A cup of Coffee
  • Spoon of MCT
  • Ice cubes
  • A shaking bottle

Method of making:

  • Shake your coffee with a spoon of MCT and ICE.  The best refreshing drink to kick start your day

here's why it's better

9 key MCT Benefits

  • Stimulates metabolism
  •  Sharpens brain
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Makes your body Burn fat for energy
  • Improves your body & mind
  • Gives a healthy skin
  • Provides best nutrition
  • Do not raise cholesterol and LDL 
  • Makes you lose weight

why its the best?

4 Reasons to Consider

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Customer Testimonials

Lisa Green


I could not lose belly fat after my pregnancy and I was frustrated with my shape since a few years. After trying MCTbreakfast I lost 5 Kg in a little more than 1 month. I recommend it to everybody.

Marco Gomez


I started to have a belly in my late twenties. I always liked sport, but my job prevented me from regular activities. MCTbreakfast was the only strategy that I could easily follow, and it was incredibly effective. I lost my belly in just a few weeks without changing any other thing in my life!

Maria Bee 


With menopause it seemed to me that my metabolism slowed down and I gained weight although I was paying attention to my diet. MCTbreakfast brought me back where I was before menopause. I feel rejuvenated!

John Smith


I was so complexed about my appearance. I was the classic skinny-fat boy. I could not stick to diets and I felt always low in energy. MCTbreakfast gave me the energy and the motivation to lose weight and exercise. I am now 40 and I am in the best shape I have ever been. Thank you MCTbreakfast!

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